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Tire Sidewall

A series of internationally used numbers and codes exist for the identification of tyre structures, dimensions and main applications as well as the producer information.

This group of codes and numbers is collectively known as the "tire markings" and permits a precise identification of the tire.

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U.S.A. Dept. of Transportation Compliance Approval

Tyre Brand Name

Tyre does not require a tube

Tyre Pattern Name Designation

Type of Construction

Tyre Size

Load Index

Speed Symbol

Uniform Tyre Quality Grading Marks

Tyre Construction Details

Load and Pressure Marking Requirement


P - as part of the tyre size designation (e.g., P205/65R15) used to indicate tyres intended for services on passenger cars.
LT - as part of the size designation (e.g., LT235/75R15) used to indicate the tyres are intended for light truck vehicles.
MS - letters used to indicate a tyre suitable for Mud and Snow and/or All Season usage.
XL - as part of the size designation (e.g., P235/75R16 XL) used to indicate the tyre can carry more loads as the maximum inflation pressure and load are greater than a standard load version. (Also could be called REINFORCED or RF).
ZR - as part of the tyre size designation (e.g. 225/45ZR17 XL) used to indicate the tyre has a maximum speed over 240 kilometer per hour.