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​Tire upgrade

"Tire Upgrade" means increasing of rim diameterwithout changing of tire overalI diameter and the trend in development of low aspect ratio.Upgrade increase of sporty performance and enhance of breaking ability.

How to upgrade your tire

Without any particular reason, please do not change the overaIl diameter of tire easily. The alteration of tire overall diameterwill causemisreading of speedometer or mutual interference between tire and other parts of vehicle.

PIease determine the width of tire in accordance with the specific width of vehicle. Ifthe width of the entiretire is increased overIy, it wiIIcause mutual interference between tire and other parts of vehicle, even heading out of thetire from bodywork which will initiate danger.

Notice the Ioad index of vehicle when you upgrade the tire. There is rule to the weight which thetire can bear (Ioad index) for each size.